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They obviously know we're bigger than them, but they don't seem to have adapted their social behavior much. Putting their tails up in the air, rubbing around our legs, and sitting beside us and grooming us are exactly what cats do to each other. I've read articles where you've said cats think of us as big, stupid cats. Is that accurate?

Treating a Cat like a Cat

In the book [I say] that cats behave toward us in a way that's indistinguishable from [how] they would act toward other cats. They do think we're clumsy: Not many cats trip over people, but we trip over cats.

But I don't think they think of us as being dumb and stupid, since cats don't rub on another cat that's inferior to them. More research needs to be done. How stressed a lot of pet cats can be without their owners realizing it, and how much it affects the quality of their mental lives and their health.


Here's ten reasons why young kittens are so cute

Cats don't [always] get on with other cats, [and people don't realize] how much that can stress them out. Other than routine visits, the most common reason cats are taken to vets is because of a wound sustained in a fight with another cat. One solution is to examine the cat's social lifestyle, instead of pumping it full of drugs.

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Quite often the whole problem goes away. I have a few questions from cat owners on Facebook. First, why might a cat yowl when it's by itself in a room? Cats learn specifically how their owners react when they make particular noises. So if the cat thinks, 'I want to get my owner from the other room,' it works to vocalize. They use straightforward learning. They're much smarter than we give them credit for: They learn what works with what person.

They know if [one member of the family] is prone to get up at 4 a. They are using behavior that they would use toward their mother—all the behavior they show toward us is derived in some way from the mother-kitten relationship. The kitten learns to raise its tail, rub on its mother, and knead and purr. Grooming is what mothers do back to kittens.

So they're using bits of behavior already in their repertoire to communicate with us. There aren't very many behaviors—maybe half a dozen. See National Geographic readers' pictures of cats. Cats can learn what they're not supposed to do. If your cat has developed a habit [of jumping up on the kitchen table], there are limited ways to prevent it. You could use a spring-loaded toy, so when a cat jumps up on something, the toy goes bang and up in the air—the cat doesn't like that and jumps down.

Another reasonably benign [strategy] is to use a child's water pistol. But make sure the cat doesn't realize you've got it.

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Cats don't forgive, and once they realize a person is causing them anxiety or hurt, they keep away. Her staff is also excellent.

Why Are Things Cute?

Besides the excellent care for my cat, Michael also educated me on what I need to do to take care of my cat, such as vaccinations and heart worm prevention. This is a top notch feline veterinary hospital with a top notch staff! Her medical experience, bedside manner, candor, and quest for knowledge…is immeasurable. This veterinary clinic changed my cat's entire life…[he had] severe dental problems… I was reluctant to…do the procedures… I cannot stress how happy I am… Everyone treats the cats with love and care, and they treat the people with respect and offer great advice.

Cat Care is exactly what it says. The whole office is geared toward all felines… There are cat trees, and cat friendly furniture throughout. But is what is more important is the feline expertise… Where do I begin? There are so many positives about Cat Care of Vinings…this entire practice is on a whole other level… The environment is relaxing and the staff are comforting and supportive. The staff are always welcoming and hospitable.

Doctors will go out of their way to make sure your cat is taken care of and comfortable. They always return your calls and even call to check up on your cat after an appointment. I was shocked at how little we knew even after more than a decade of cat ownership and regular vet visits.

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  • I really can't say enough about how thrilled we are with Dr. Palmer and Cat Care of Vinings.

    Baby wigglefloof

    We just feel so fortunate to have you in our lives and are most grateful. Thank you all for all that you do! The Vets have taken time to know and understand both my kitties. All clinic staff are caring, knowledgeable, and generally first rate. CCV is a warm, quiet environment that helps my nervous cat feel more comfortable… The vet techs and office staff are skilled, helpful and friendly.

    They genuinely love their clients i.

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    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think
    What Cute Kittens Really Think What Cute Kittens Really Think

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