The Rococo Room

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The Rococo style – an introduction

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The Rococo Room

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The notion of the salon is an Enlightenment era ideal that transformed the salon, or living room, into the central space for aristocracy to entertain guests and engage in intellectual conversation. Rococo interiors are highly unified in nature, and represent the coming together of a number of decorative arts. Furniture rose to new heights in the period and emphasized lighthearted frivolity. Furniture, friezes, sculpture, metalwork, wall, and ceiling decoration are woven together stylistically in the Rococo salon. Key Terms asymmetry : Lacking a common measure between two objects or quantities; incommensurability.

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Rococo in Painting and Sculpture Rococo style in painting echoes the qualities evident in other manifestations of the style including serpentine lines, heavy use of ornament as well as themes revolving around playfulness, love, and nature. Learning Objectives Identify themes and qualities commonly associated with Rococo art. Key Takeaways Key Points Rococo style developed first in the decorative arts and interior design, and its influence later spread to architecture, sculpture, theater design, painting, and music. Rococo style is characterized by elaborate ornamentation, asymmetrical values, pastel color palette, and curved or serpentine lines.

Rococo art works often depict themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness. Antoine Watteau is considered to be the first great Rococo painter who influenced later Rococo masters such as Boucher and Fragonard. Rococo sculpture makes use of very delicate porcelain instead of marble or another heavy medium.

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  4. Key Terms Rococo : A style of baroque architecture and decorative art, from 18th century France, having elaborate ornamentation. Rococo Architecture 18th century Rococo architecture was a lighter, more graceful, yet also more elaborate version of Baroque architecture.

    Learning Objectives Distinguish Rococo architecture from its Baroque predecessor.

    Stucco: The Rococo's Secret Ingredient - Part 1

    Key Takeaways Key Points Rococo architecture was a lighter, more graceful, yet also more elaborate version of Baroque architecture, which was ornate and austere. Rococo emphasized the asymmetry of forms, while Baroque was the opposite. The Baroque was more serious, placing an emphasis on religion, and was often characterized by Christian themes; Rococo was more secular and light-hearted.

    Rococo architecture brought significant changes to the building of edifices, placing an emphasis on privacy rather than the grand public majesty of Baroque architecture. Key Terms jocular : Humorous, amusing or joking.

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    The Rococo Room The Rococo Room
    The Rococo Room The Rococo Room
    The Rococo Room The Rococo Room
    The Rococo Room The Rococo Room
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    The Rococo Room

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