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Nick Potter started training in medicine until a bad back injury forced him to rethink how exactly pain and injury work in the body.

Healing Back Pain

He has been an osteopath for 25 years and specialises in the treatment of injury by addressing the causes of pain. Download cover. Nearly half of us at some point in our lives will suffer chronic pain.

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We go to the doctor, where the standard treatment on offer is either medication - which only masks the problem - or surgery - which can make things worse. In this fascinating book, he takes us on a journey into biology, evolution and contemporary social behaviour and anthropology to examine our relationship with pain. He presents his own roadmap for wellbeing including his acclaimed theory of breathing , along with success stories from the consulting room, and shows us how to spot the signs and break the vicious cycle of stress, pain and anxiety before the damage is done.

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America’s most famous back pain doctor said pain is in your head. Thousands think he's right.

Manage Your Pain. Best-selling book about self-management written by Australian health professionals. The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer.

The Handbook represents the most up to date thinking from Moseley and Butler. A Changed and Uplifted Life. Story of Caroline Cochrane and her journey.

The Pain Book. The Brain That Changes Itself.

Brain imaging is illuminating the neural patterns behind pain’s infinite variety.

Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science.

The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book
The Pain Book The Pain Book

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