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It sounds twisted because it is. Rachel, fearing that this will affect her job, asks him to stop. Moral of the story: listen to Rachel. Also: Rachel and Chandler were a great pairing and should have had more storylines together. Aka the one where Rachel improvises a party in hopes of seducing Joshua, and refuses to give up even after attempting a cheerleading number in her old uniform and biting her lip. Chandler and Monica struggle to hide their budding romance from the rest of the group — to the point that Chandler is left pretending that he got used to kissing people on the lips as a greeting in Europe.

Oh, to be young and secretly in love. But how are we supposed to feel any sorrow when Chandler is busy dealing with his extremely strange roommate Eddie, who at one point accuses Chandler of stealing his goldfish, before replacing said animal with a goldfish cracker? Until he does. Oh, and Joey and Chandler lose all of their furniture after Joey willingly gets into his entertainment unit he was trying to prove a point and gets locked inside of it. Rachel needs eye drops but refuses to get the treatment anywhere near her corneas, meaning Monica and the other friends are left staging a dramatic surprise intervention to make sure the drops go in.

The One with the Engagement Picture — Season seven, episode five.

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Phoebe realises, much to her horror, that she mugged Ross when she was living on the street. At first, Ross is outraged which, by the way, is a great way to support your friend who was once homeless, Ross , but it turns out that Phoebe has saved a comic book he drew as a child, titled Science Boy, all these years. Rachel has a baby. Phoebe meets a guy. Joey passes as a doctor to check that said guy is not a creep.

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Monica lets Rachel use the name Emma, even though she was planning on using it for her own children. Joey accidentally proposes to Rachel.

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Fun times! It has all the tension of a series finale, without the gut-wrenching melancholy. Phoebe tracks down her father upstate and brings Chandler and Joey with her as she tries to muster the courage to knock at his door. Unfortunately, they both get chicken pox and spent the weekend trying and failing not to scratch their very itchy skin. His temptation to start seeing a bigoted, unfunny, not-so-smart woman instead just because she lives uptown will resonate with the many New Yorkers who have spent enough time on the train for a lifetime. Rachel spooks her boyfriend Joshua by prematurely proposing to him as Ross prepares to tie the knot with Emily , then scares him away forever by answering the door in a wedding dress which she was wearing for fun with Monica and Phoebe.

Oh, well. Ross, torn between his girlfriend Julie and Rachel, makes a list of pros and cons for each of the women — and boy, does he regret it. Ultimately, though, he realises he needs to move on and gives the T-shirt back to her.

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The One with All the Resolutions — Season five, episode That means she fires Monica as her wedding planner, then re-hires her. And just when everything is just about to fall into place, a blizzard threatens to cancel the entire event. Forget about romance, this one is all about a sex tape — namely, the one Ross and Rachel shot sort of accidentally while conceiving Emma.

Rachel and Chandler keep accidentally receiving delicious cheesecakes meant for somebody else. And they keep eating them.

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As they should. But he can — sort of — drink a gallon of milk in 10 long seconds. Chandler crosses the line. Which line, you ask? A solid running joke. Everyone is so young and unassuming. Ross, meanwhile, is shaken by what he chooses to call a near-death experience. After spending one episode trying to recreate it, it turns out the recipe is at the back of every bag of Nestle Toll House chocolate chips. Things get very stressful and resolve out of pure luck.

And guess who owns a red sweater just like this one? But also: Ross! Oh, the suspense. Unlike the viewers. Both are very successful. Monica and Chandler are mostly remembered as the smooth-sailing couple of the series once they found each other, they never really let go , but these two did know how to amp the drama every once in a while. All this to say: there are a lot of moving parts, which somehow come together to bring the show a little closer to its ending.

After Monica finds out that her friend might be expecting, she convinces Rachel to take another pregnancy test during her wedding reception. The friends spare no effort to keep Monica from finding out that Chandler has gone missing, hours before their wedding. In an incident that will rang true to anyone who has ever tried getting healthcare coverage in the US, Joey loses his insurance and immediately gets a hernia — which he refuses to get treated until his coverage resumes. Chandler and Monica find their way back to each other after Monica has lunch with her ex boyfriend Richard.

And end up getting married in the process. Yay for healthy representations of female sexuality on screen. Rachel, who is trying hard to forget her feelings for Ross who is still dating Julie , goes on a date with a man named Michael. And that, my friend, is what they call closure. Joey thus sentences him to spending Thanksgiving inside a wooden crate.

‘This thing inside me’

Side note: Carol is played in this episode by Anita Barone, though the part ultimately went to Jane Sibbett for the rest of the show. He and Chandler, naturally, end up posting false updates about each other. The dispute escalates to hilarious heights when Joey begs Ross to punch him — only to dodge the blow, leaving Ross to painfully hit a pole. Things only get worse when Joey takes Ross to the hospital and asks one insulting question after the other.

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The punching incident is played for laughs a second time after Joey, wanting to demonstrate how natural it is to duck when a punch is approaching, ends up hitting Ross in the face. The whole thing is just goofy and classically funny. Ross tries to impress his English girlfriend Emily by playing rugby with her friends, and ends up rather seriously injured in the process.

As Rachel progresses through the phases of labour, she and Ross are left sharing their room with several couples, one after the other. Monica strikes up a romance with her colleague Julio, who writes a poem inspired by her and titled The Empty Vase. Those make for nice sitcom moments, but Matt LeBlanc is the real star of the episode.

After failing to train a group of performers to do the instructed choreography, he is asked to perform the dance himself and winds up running away.

Per the titular plot, Ross dates a woman who happens to have an extremely messy apartment. A power blackout in New York City might not be the most thrilling premise in the history of television, but it is brilliantly executed here. Another classic one-liner. Two pivotal arcs in one episode!

Then, just as it looks like Rachel is finally ready to let Ross go and let him marry Emily, he says the wrong word at the altar. This was only the season four finale, yet it foreshadowed the end of the series six seasons later in more ways than one. In this instance, Rachel returns from the airport, where she intended to surprise Ross and confess her feelings for him — only to find out he had reconnected with an acquaintance named Julie, now his girlfriend. After Rachel and Phoebe take a self-defense class, Ross explains — somewhat disdainfully — that being able to defend oneself in a controlled environment is different from being able to do so when the attacker strikes by surprise.

This season four instalment has the right balance of emotion and humour. On the one hand, Phoebe goes through IVF and anxiously waits to find out whether the process was successful — knowing that her brother and his wife can only afford to try once. On the other hand, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey embark on a silly contest to determine who knows the other friends best. If you feel the need to state multiple times in a conversation that you are doing just fine, you most likely are not. Ross learns this lesson the hard way in season 10, after finding out that Rachel and Joey are dating — while he himself is in a relationship with paleontologist Charlie Wheeler Aisha Tyler.

Chronologically, this episode directly precedes The One with the Morning After. The break-up episode to rule them all. Seeing the two of them split for valid reasons! Two elements land this episode a spot in the top No, nothing groundbreaking happens in this episode. Ross is growing increasingly frustrated because his friends — including his now-girlfriend Rachel — are taking too long to get ready for an important event. Plus, Rachel ends up putting Ross in his place after he yells at her in front of the rest of the group. Ross and Rachel are transitioning from their initial friendship to their first attempt at a romantic relationship.

The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine
The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine The Hidden (Book One) / Episode Nine

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