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Highly recommended for a fantastic inexpensive day out. Staff and volunteers have made a tremendous effort and cleaned up the seaweed at this beach and the results are gorgeous! I went here during my stay in Tulum and would love to go back! Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Swim with barracuda - Akumal Beach. Akumal Beach. Akumal, Mexico.

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Excellent 8, Very good 3, Average Poor Terrible Traveler type. Time of year. The yellow color tail seldom grow big, even if it get long it is not as thick as the black tail one. The black tail one is what people probably call great Barracuda. I don't fear these yellow ones at all which can grow to 4 feet but the black ones which are usually a loner and 5 feet or more is not the best sight to see but I realy don't care about them.

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Cudas in my water do not attack divers or even swimmers, never heard of it, they don't even grab any fish I shot or bit their own kind when I shot one out of the hundreds in the school. In ur water, I don't know. I used to enjoy shooting Barracuda but not anymore, meat not too good. Cig never a problem here even we have tons of corals I guess we are more Cig-Proof.

When I used to enjoy shooting them I was using a low power 85cm pneumatic. One time I saw a big one footer, I was reluctant to shoot cause my gun power is piss but never had any Cuda that big so I aimed and shot. Either I miss or out of range, the shaft never hit the fish. Guess what happened, it darted away while I was doing the same I thought it would get pissed and bit me.

They are common fish to find in wrecks or rigs. As long as u eat what u shoot, it is fair game. If you wait only for quality fish I mean in my waters you will end up bringing nothing home most of the time. MT-5 is quite long and swing rather slow. Convert ur MT5 for long range work. Ur MT-5 is equivalent to the popular Island. A fully powered MT-3 should be able to get all u need in the rigs, even Amberjack if u see one, as long as u shoot within feet.

If you fully powered ur MT-5, you can shoot from 20 feet with good penetration guarantee. Aside from Chief Anderson 5 Star info, there is also "Rigdiver" in the forum with a MT4 who does oil rigs very often, he will reply to you soon too, I am sure. More input is good. I don't freedive well but I know how to pull a trigger. Ha ha ha.

To freedive U must use float and cable for shooting line in rigs, no choice I hunt rigs now only abandoned one Anyway enjoy the hunt Abriapnea New Member. Jan 16, 43 0 56 South African, currently working in Thailand www. Just where did these fish get their bad rep. I have often taken up to 15 kg ones out of schools sphyraena jello ; the rest simply hightail it. Sure , the speared fish sometimes show their displeasure by trying to nip you , but you can block it with your gun if using breakaway , kick it , grap the spear ect.

If you don't want to risk being bitten , don't spear them. BTW Don , interesting to hear you dive with no line whatsoever. In your thread on self - inflating vests you said you have no worries about hanging onto your gun The lift of the vest would be a postive not a negative. Had to chase it with the boat to keep it from spooling us. A broken swivel ended the fun. Anyway we usually only fish with the drag set from 10 to 15lbs.

May 28, 1, 0 42 mississippi Visit site. Well Iya said I would chime in and here I am You definately need to have somesort of rig setup I recommend and use a breakaway Email me for more info. As for shooting the cuda's, the smaller ones are great eating and dont worry about cig in the north gulf.

They are pretty easy to kill once you get the hang of it. As you noticed they will swim close to you and when you aim at them they will turn. When they turn you get a quartering away shot. Come on over to MS and I'll take you out or maybe I'll make it that way sometime and help you get setup There are few freedivers along our northern gulf coast and we need to help each other out! I'll e-mail you and I would like to get together.

Swimming with Barracudas Swimming with Barracudas
Swimming with Barracudas Swimming with Barracudas
Swimming with Barracudas Swimming with Barracudas
Swimming with Barracudas Swimming with Barracudas
Swimming with Barracudas Swimming with Barracudas

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