Something Unpredictable: A Novel

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Something Unpredictable | Book by Barbara Chepaitis | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Stock Image. New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. About this Item Language: English. Brand new Book. Delilah is thirty-one years old and doesn't know what to do with her life. Her degree in geology - with an emphasis on atmospheric science and garbology - hasn't quite paved the career path she'd always dreamed of. Though she currently has a boyfriend who photographs her in tubs of Jell-O , post-college relationships have, overall, proven equally disappointing. Now back at home living with her wealthy, eccentric parents in Key West and working as a waitress, Delilah would love to save the world - if only it weren't such an overwhelming task.

But Delilah's life begins to change when her mother discovers her own birth mother, Carla.

by Barbara Chepaitis

Delilah quickly forms a relationship with Carla, who turns out to have once been a professional tiger tamer, among other things. Their friendship opens doors for Delilah, gives her a new perspective on the world around her and fresh ideas of what she can do to make it a better place for herself and for those she loves. But I agree with you all, voice is so important. Even though the narration is all third person, I try to vary it slightly according to the POV.

Medieval tales were spoken and sung, usually by blind biwa players, or in the case of the Tale of the Soga Brothers, by Buddhist nuns, and I suppose I was partly trying to emulate that very rhythmic narrative voice, with its underlying Buddhist sense of sorrow at the transience of life and the stubbornness of human nature, and also to suggest that the novel is a translation from another language outside of time, yes!

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Given standard shelves, I do think Shikanoko will find fans among readers of fantasy, and I also think it might benefit from being placed on some YA shelves. Okay, I am already plotting some surreptitious reshelving efforts. Where would you all put Shikanoko? Toby Barlow: We all need our genres.

Genesis —20, Linnaeus, etc. We need our classifications. If the author wants to mess with that, well, okay, so long as they know how to fly that spaceship. But you have to start from somewhere.

Finding New Voices in Romantic Fiction

Robin Sloan: The thing I love about genre is the freedom that comes from constraint. That sounded more Yoda-like than I intended. What I mean is: every genre is built on a bunch of implicit contracts between writer and reader.

An alternate history? A dream? The key is: never ask.

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I think you have to be conscious of those contracts when you start writing, or you risk getting bogged down trying to answer questions that should never be asked. Hearn knows better. What is the contract?

101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips For Novelists and Screenwriters

I just started reading the third book and now when I picture him, I see a little mustache…. The genre label argument goes in circles. Labels are useful, as Toby points out, and as readers our easily-overwhelmed human brains need these heuristics to organize information and make decisions. And the creative process proceeds from there. More writers are owning, are proud of, their genre-heavy reading past, and the result is this cool blending of literary and genre genes. Shikanoko is a perfect example of this. It means literature is evolving instead of becoming stagnant.

It has a traditional structure. There are no monsters or villains or spies or sorcerers. Magic triggered in some readers the expectation of a clean, tied-bow fairy-tale ending. Sean McDonald: This feels like the moment for our own clean, tied-bow fairy-tale ending. Anyone else with questions? Did Lian Hearn know ahead of time? Kelly Luce: Yes. Lian Hearn: I like to think I write in a genre of my own.

Maybe this is one of the consequences. Maybe the books are too easy to read, too much fun. I figured that it could not contrast much with preexisting novels, so I would enjoy it for what it was worth. However, what I found while reading was an altogether surprise that will for sure interest regular readers. The best part is that it may even intrigue those dreading the constant in-your-face mushy love stories. This novel is about love still, it just comes with the territory but a distinctly different type of love.

It seems that he took this leap of faith to trust intuition to write a work that not all of his devoted fans would be happy about or expect, but to alternatively open himself to a new, broader audience. I was admittedly amazed at the poised delicacy Sparks showed within his maturity in Two by Two. In a world that has its abundant problems day to day, I thought it was in good taste to publish a lighthearted story about a family tie between a father and daughter to remind us to cherish the relationships we are lucky enough to acquire in our short lifetimes. If you are not a frequent reader, I could guess there will be a movie at some point made of this book there always is with Sparks , and I honestly hope the people behind the film keep the integrity of the book so that any who would rather see the movie can get a glimpse of how an author with a reputation can change and turn heads even at the twentieth novel.

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Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel
Something Unpredictable: A Novel Something Unpredictable: A Novel

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