Psichedelia (Italian Edition)

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Were at the beginning of 90thand M. This is the Punk, boys and girls! Only 3 singles were issued at the time and a postumous CD published by Mellow in This LP, released with heavy quality sleeves and virgin vinyl pressing, contains some originals of the first period and some covers Le Orme. A fragment of Italian prog subtracted oblivion of time. Side one features fine acoustic psychedelic, mantra-esque folk songs interspersed with ambient soundscapee. Between minimalism compositional and lysergic tensions, the album constitutes a gem of psychedelia that does the classics of psychedelia its points of reference and its expressive digit.


Band from Hannover, propose a blend of space rock and acid psych. The MLS are formed on the synthesis of different influences expressive that seem to bring a new Swingin 'London of the third millennium, but well planted among the psychedelic sound late '60 's and early 70's. The album features songs in the studio and live tracks recorded and avails the contribution of Nik Turner ex Hawkwind. Far away from modern life, Van Vliet builded his own universe in words, tunes and sounds.

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A decade later, the album is available again on vinyl, with a full album side of unreleased recordings from the early 90s. They wrote all tracks and played all instruments:drums, noise generator, sitar, filter, tape loops, moog and more analog synth. Musicinfluences: Silver Apple,Cluster,Cosmic Jockers for a psychedelic-electronic mantra that will send you into a trance. The result is surprising: a psychedelic charm and a magic visionary who felt for decades.

It was born in Turin in and was created by S. D'Urso and A. No Strange benchmarks included the first Pink Floyd, Brainticket, Soft Machine, and the best groups of Cosmic krautrock, with whom they shared the same sensitivity. Cristalli Sognanti is a singular and intensive work in which the caleidoscope embroidery between music and lyrics achieves very poetic and lyrical moments.

"form a single whole" - Italian translation – Linguee

The track create a modal frame in which the solo singers weave delicate sound textures like slow spirals of incense smoke fading in the air. The sound is both avant-garde and ancient, primeval as if generated by the early wave motion of the Big Bang. A record out of time, really psychedelic. The tracks are early '70s ,and 8 of them are unpublished. Listening to the album, you can smell the scent, and you can see the colours and the atmosphere of the magic and creative Italian 70's.

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It has good a psychedelic attitude in electronic expressive form. It's a missing page but It's the found page of the 70's Italian underground scene. A quarter of century after the release of the two volumes of "Eighties Colours" compilation that spotlighted the Italian underground garage, beat and psychedelic scene, 19 bands of that creative period are back to cover songs of other bands of the same season in a kind of cross-tribute.

The "Eighties Colours" continue to explode! This LP mixture garage, psychedelic and heavy: Try It! While many bands reproduced Anglo American models, the Aktuala were the first that tried to contaminate different backgrounds and cultures 30 years before the current "melting pot" musical.

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Thanks to Aktuala we began to know cultures, music and instruments never known and heard in Italy. The Aktuala bring us to a spicy and coloured trip with sitars, African drums, perfumes and alternative cultural atmospheres. It's pure psychedelia and expansion of the mind.

Various ‎– Garage Beat In Florence : 60's Italian Garage,Pop,Rock Music Compilation

The essential band of the underground and psychedelic scene of the early 70s in Italy,now available in LP. In questo lavoro si incontrano e magistralmente si fondono, oltre 20 anni di esperienze musicali e culturali,artistiche,magiche e religiose,oltre che personali. The new opera recorded is called Armonia Vivente it is concepted like a natural sequel of the previous Cristalli Sognanti; the sound since the first impact don't deserve the expectations: the world described by No Strange is always liquid, cosmic, lysergic; the 16 tracks two recorded live are a trip out of time, which is referred to the big indo-european tradition and the avant-garde and experimental, connected to the most acid folk and popular melodies.

Sempre in bilico fra struttura e astrazione, i brani di Curadi si prestano all'improvvisazione collettiva per creare una sorta di psichedelia totale dove sperimentazione e tradizione si fondono e diventano una cosa sola. Una magia che si realizza attraverso la "strana" commistione di rock lisergico, blues primitivo, folk acido e musica etnica, distillati in 13 originali, una cover irriconoscibile di Captain Beefheart "Kandy Korn" e un traditional "Gallows Pole" opportunamente rivisitato per l'occasione.

In questo vinile formato 10 pollici una misura che ancora mancava alla nostra vasta produzione abbiamo deciso una "commemorazione" particolare, in quanto per la prima volta affrontiamo brani scritti da altri autori, ma non si tratta di semplici "cover" assolutamente NO! Italian occult psychedelia was coined by journalist Antonio Ciarletta in an article published by Italian music magazine Blow Up, [2] in January Italian occult psychedelia has emerged as a kind of Italian hauntology , an engine of reactivation of an Italian collective memory.

The features of this shared past are related to the imaginary of Italian genre films as cannibal movies , spaghetti westerns , Italian B horror movies and their soundtracks, and are related also to the violent, obscure and esoteric folklore so well outlined in the essays of Ernesto De Martino and in the documentaries of Luigi Di Gianni.

Manual Psichedelia (Italian Edition)

Musically, Italian occult psychedelia is a cross of post-punk , psychedelic rock , Italian progressive rock , Italian library music and "Mediterranean vibes. Italian occult psychedelia IOP is a subgenre of Italian psychedelic music[1] characterized by obscure atmospheres. Italian occult psychedelia was coined by journalist Antonio Ciarletta in an article published by Italian music magazine Blow Up,[2] in January The features of this shared past are related to the imaginary of Italian genre films as cannibal movies, spaghetti westerns, Italian B horror movies and their soundtracks, and are related also to the violent, obscure and esoteric folklore so well outlined in the essays of Ernesto De Martino and in the documentaries of Luigi Di Gianni.

Psychedelic music sometimes called psychedelia[1] is a wide range of popular music styles and genres influenced by s psychedelia, a subculture of people who used psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline and DMT to experience visual and auditory hallucinations, synesthesia and altered states of consciousness. Psychedelic music may also aim to enhance the experience of using these drugs.

Italian occult psychedelia

Psychedelic music emerged during the s among folk and rock bands in the United States and the United Kingdom, creating the subgenres of psychedelic folk, psychedelic rock, acid rock, and psychedelic pop before declining in the early s. Numerous spiritual successors followed in the ensuing decades, including progressive rock, krautrock, and heavy metal.

Since the s, revivals have included psychedelic funk, neo-psychedelia, and psychedelic hip hop, as well as psychedelic electronic music genres such as acid house, trance music, and new rave. Characteristics "Psychedelic" as an adjectiv. Look up iop in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. This is a list of rock music genres consisting of subgenres of popular music that have roots in s' and s' rock and roll, and which developed into a distinct identity as rock music in the s, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Father Murphy is a avant garde modern psychedelic band [1] , part of the subgenre defined Italian Occult Psychedelia by Antonio Ciarletta [2] Biography The band emerged from the partnership of Federico Zanatta freddie Murphy , Chiara Lee, and former drummer Vittorio Demarin. The release of The following is an alphabetical list of articles related to Italy. Milan A. Progressive rock shortened as prog; sometimes called art rock, classical rock or symphonic rock is a broad genre of rock music[8] that developed in the United Kingdom and United States throughout the mid- to late s.

Initially termed "progressive pop", the style was an outgrowth of psychedelic bands who abandoned standard pop traditions in favour of instrumentation and compositional techniques more frequently associated with jazz, folk, or classical music. Additional elements contributed to its "progressive" label: lyrics were more poetic, technology was harnessed for new sounds, music approached the condition of "art", and the studio, rather than the stage, became the focus of musical activity, which often involved creating music for listening rather than dancing.

Prog is based on fusions of styles, approaches and genres, involving a continuous move between formalism and eclecticism. Due to its historical reception, prog's scope is sometimes limited to a stereotype of long solos, long albums, fantasy l. Doom metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that typically uses slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "thicker" or "heavier" sound than other heavy metal genres.

Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom. Characteristics Instrumentation The electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit are the most common instruments used to play doom metal although keyboards are sometimes used , but its structures are rooted in the same scales as in blues. Black Sabbath are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music.

The band had multiple line-up changes, with Iommi being the only constant member throughout its history. Formed in as the Polka Tulk Blues Band, a blues rock band, the group went through line up changes, renamed themselves as Earth, broke up and reformed. By , they had named themselves Black Sabbath after the film Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff, and began incorporating occult themes with horror-inspired lyrics and tuned-down guitars. The band's first show as Black Sabbath took place on 30 August , in Workington.

Heavy metal or simply metal is a genre of rock music[3] that developed in the late s and early s, largely in the United Kingdom. The genre's lyrics and performance styles are sometimes associated with aggression and machismo. Beginning in the late s, bands in the new wave of British heavy metal such as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard followed in a similar vein. Before the e. Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early s, and developed into a range of different styles in the s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Rock music also drew strongly on a number of other genres such as electric blues and folk, and incorporated influences from jazz, classical and other musical styles. Musically, rock has centered on the electric guitar, usually as part of a rock group with electric bass, drums, and one or more singers. Like pop music, lyrics often stress romantic love but also address a wide variety of other themes that are frequently social or political.

Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)
Psichedelia (Italian Edition) Psichedelia (Italian Edition)

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