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PAYBACK – benefits that really pay off:

Enter the nominal amount of the loan according to your bill 5. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction 6. Select the Payment menu 3. Select Virtual Account 4. Enter your Virtual Account number Example: 5. The name and nominal bill appears in the confirmation screen 6.

Select OK for payment 7. CIMB Clicks: 1. Select the 'Pay Bills' menu 3. Select 'Virtual Account' in the payment type 4. Enter your Virtual Account number 5. Example: 6. The name and nominal bill appear in the confirmation screen 7.

Successful Transaction 8. Login to Go Mobile 2. Enter the payment amount according to the bill 6. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction 9. Select VA Bill Payment by using the cursor button 3. Enter the virtual account number 6.

After the transaction is completed, you will be notified via SMS. Then this unique offer is for you! It can also be used at millions of Merchant locations where standard Card payments are accepted. Click here for Merchant list accepting Contactless Payments. The contactless payment feature lets consumers make safe and secure payments with a simple tap of the card on the POS machines at the Merchant outlets. These NFC enabled terminals transmits payment details and authenticates transactions without swiping the card.

Hold your card within 4 cm of the secure contactless reader. Four green lights will appear. This takes no more than half a second. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete.

A contactless payment is designed to let you make transactions easily and conveniently. The retailer will ask if you require a charge slip. If you do not require a charge slip, please advise the retailer and a charge slip will not be given. Your card has to be tapped within 4 centimetres of the card reader for more than half a second and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve. Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time, therefore reducing transaction errors.

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In the rare event when the Contactless transaction on your Credit Card is declined due to any reason the Cardholder can request the merchant to make the payment by swiping or dipping the Card in the traditional manner. Generally, such situation does not arise. However, in any such stray cases, one may contact IndusInd Bank customer care center to enquire about the status of the transaction.

With a wide range of in-store and online partners, you can earn points on groceries, fuel, entertainment, travel, apparel and more. Members can stack up points and redeem these points for free shopping. Points can be earned by booking movie tickets, fuelling up vehicle, for shopping at a variety of online shopping websites, buying groceries, publishing reviews, shopping for apparel and a lot more.

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PAYBACK Points earned by a member at partner brands gets accumulated under the same membership account thus ensuring the member accumulates points at a faster pace. To link all your card accounts, please call the Contact Centre. For any queries, you may contact PAYBACK at between 10 am to 9 pm — call charges apply and also aggregate your cards, if required. Alternatively, you can write to membercare payback. Redeem your points and order from the website Visit rewards. If you would like to change your existing PIN — a.

Go to My Account page. Click on Change PIN d.

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If you have forgotten your PIN — a. Future Privilege Membership program is a special privilege program created for Future Group business partners and associates. All you need to do is this: Each time you shop, give your registered mobile number at the billing counter each time you make a purchase before billing.

The cashier will feed your registered mobile number in the system and you can avail instant discounts. There are Special Sale Previews, exciting offers and schemes that will be communicated to you from time to time. This mobile based membership is valid for a period of one year 12 Months from the date of issuance. The Maximum annual shopping limit across all participating stores is Rs 2 Lacs Only.

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Your existing membership will be renewed and will be valid for a period of one year 12 Months from the date of issuance. Give Feedback Customer Reviews. Personal Banking. Compare 1. Get ready to PAY. Our concierge offers you: Pre-trip Assistance Set your pre-trip worries and anxieties aside! To avail of these services, please call our Concierge Desk at For further details please call the Concierge Desk at With IndusInd Bank around to lend you a helping hand, you have very little to worry about!

Shopping Spree Shop till your bags and carts overflow because now you can take home more than just your favourite goodies! The spends will include spends done on Primary and Add-on Cards. Only Purchase transactions will be considered as eligible transactions for the purpose of calculating achievement towards the Spend Levels. Cash Withdrawal, Balance Transfer, Fees, Interest Charges and Loan taken on the credit card and any transaction other than a Purchase Transaction will not be considered for the purpose of calculating achievement towards the Spend Levels.

Only Settled Transactions i.

The Bank will not be responsible if a Transaction Authorized by the Bank has not been settled by the Merchant. All transactions that have been carried out on the Card during the Program Period and reversed subsequently for any reason whatsoever shall not be considered while calculating Spends Achievement under this Program. If the Cardholder ceases to be a Cardholder at any time during the Program Period or before the Credit of the Reward Points, all benefits under the Program shall lapse.

This includes any relationship terminated either by the Bank or the Cardholder. The Bank reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, this Program by any other Program, whether similar or different to this Program or to withdraw it altogether without giving prior notice. Earn Points at millions of places. Shopping at 10 lakh merchant outlets in India and over 30 million worldwide accepting Card Payments.

For booking movie tickets, utility bill payments, travel, other online purchases. Safe online shopping and e-commerce transactions.

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Flexibility of payment options at POS. Is there a limit on the value of goods you can purchase with Contactless Credit Card? What happens when the transaction slip is not generated and customer's account is debited? I am a Jet Privilege Miles member.

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Get your available balance via SMS. Get your last 5 transactions via SMS. Debit Cards.

Pay Back Pay Back
Pay Back Pay Back
Pay Back Pay Back
Pay Back Pay Back
Pay Back Pay Back

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