Mediation and The Art of Making Peace

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Depending on the value added by mediation activities, Turkey acts in mutual trust with all parties to a dispute and on the basis of certain values. In this vein, provided that the confidentiality of the process is ensured, Turkey maintains her activities with transparency and pays strict attention to coordination and cooperation with all related actors. A total of 86 countries co-sponsored the resolution that was unanimously adopted by the General Assembly.

The growing support to the work of the group is a clear testimony of the raising awareness for the importance of mediation. In addition to serving as a platform for sharing experiences, the main objective of this Group is to raise awareness among the OSCE members on the importance of mediation as an effective tool for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The Group of Friends of Mediation at the OSCE had a meeting hosted by Turkey in Vienna on January 14, where the Group focused on the importance of synergy among international and regional organizations in the field of mediation. Hosted by Switzerland, the last meeting of the said Group was convened in July in Vienna and focused on the role of mediation in achieving ceasefires.

The majority of conflicts worldwide take place within the OIC geography. In a short period of time, the Group has become the second largest Contact Group within the organization. The article by H. The Conference examined the relationship between sustainable development and mediation, the involvement of women and youth in mediation processes and the impact of digital transformation including big data and artificial intelligence.

The Conference will be inaugurated by His Excellency Mr. The conference will analyze the role of regional and international organizations in peace and mediation, discuss the current state of play in mediation and peace efforts with the participation of the HLAB members, and evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on peace efforts. Summary Report of the 1st İstanbul Conference on Mediation is available here. Summary Report of the 2nd İstanbul Conference on Mediation is available here. Programme of the 3rd İstanbul Conference on Mediation is available here.

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By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. To learn more, visit our Cookies page. This page was processed by aws-apollo2 in 0. Skip to main content. This is what they had to say:. Molenbeek became known as the home of Belgian jihadists. But is this really the whole story? On 6 September EIP presented the first findings of an ambitious survey carried out in Molenbeek at an event at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

The term mediation conjures up images of high level meetings behind closed doors where in the end, mediators representing different two or three letter organisations come up with creative resolutions and the warring parties sign a peace treaty. In reality, however, mediation is a long process that too often fails to live up to the hopes of the peacemakers and the needs of the parties.

Mediating a peace process requires more than a mediator who is winning the trust of conflict parties and guiding them towards an agreement. Successful mediation typically involves a number of experts that support, develop and strengthen the mediation process. Over the past 10 years, mediation support has become an important feature in international conflict mediation. However, to make mediation support more effective we have to address some shortcomings. Women remain drastically underrepresented in peace processes.

This is not due to lack of capacity, but lack of power and access. We need visionary methods for targeting this problem, one of which is to team them up with power players who can open the right doors. Mobilising the Nordic Women Mediator Network can be a first step in making this happen.

But this requires political will — and creativity to think outside the box.

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  • Environmental Management and Development: Volume 11 (Routledge Perspectives on Development).

We need to reinvent how to build peace in the 21st century. The European Institute of Peace EIP hosted 20 young political leaders to participate in a mediation simulation and a spirited debate on democratisation, good governance, inclusion and political transitions.

Abraham Hicks: Rampage of Making Peace with Now

Solving conflicts always begins with analysis and research. Mediators not only need to understand the peace process; they also need to have a good grasp of the conflict itself. What is happening on the ground?

Making Power-Sharing Work: The Role of Mediation

What do conflict parties think and want? How does it all relate to wider local, regional and international political dynamics? Mediators and their teams spend considerable time to find answers to these sort of questions. Libya is no exception. By Elena Marda. Notably, it was released in the tumultuous wake of the British referendum result on the so-called "Brexit".

How does this affect the status of the Global Strategy? And what will this mean for the peace-making community? By Ingrid Magnusson and Anouk van den Akker. Brexit is not just about Britain and the EU. We like to think of peace and justice as inseparable twins; two concepts both alike in dignity.

Yet, the tension between them is striking when we go into concrete experience. Reconciling peace and justice inevitably invokes the field of transitional justice. Here are some key resources.

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By Ivan Shalev. How do mediators contribute to the secession of violence and the establishment of durable peace? By Anouk van den Akker and Ingrid Magnusson. Preventive diplomacy has been a popular item on the political agenda but policymakers struggle to make sense of its speculative nature. Making preventive diplomacy work requires us to rethink how we measure its impact and how we identify political openings. Using mediation in a preventive context can be the missing link. By Stine Lehmann-Larsen.

A media monitoring study on how the global media reported the war in Syria is available for download. What can we learn from the Schuman declaration?


By Andreas Mullerleile. EIP now publishes the findings of this process, which examined the progress and the gaps in the implementation of the agreement with the aim to improve social cohesion and inter-ethnic relations. It requires of the mediator - at vital moments - the willing suspension of belief. The mediator must also allow another element to govern his judgment: to leave to fate and chance the possible consequences of present acts. Conventional peacemaking has been, for too long, the reserve of gentlemen cutting deals in world capitals.

Syria is a good example of this - but it did not have to be this way. Mediation support actors provide mediators with advice and expertise both on and off site. Is the support provided sufficiently tailored to practitioners? Where is room for improvement? The terrorist attacks in Brussels have resulted in a political debate on how to strengthen police cooperation across Europe and whether European countries need to improve capacities for intelligence sharing.

But this is only one side of the story. What's missing from the debate is a better understanding of how prevention works and why we need it. Europeans should be worried. But not about the physical threats we experience in our capitals. I live in Brussels. Building peace in our communities will be a difficult task.

But our shared understanding of human values can help us overcome divisions.

This debate is part of EIP's newly launched 'conflict and journalism' event series. Solving conflicts has become increasingly difficult in recent years. But despite the emergence of modern challenges, and a wealth of research on how tackle them, little has changed in terms of how mediation is conducted. There is a gap between mediation guidelines and the actual work carried out in the field.

How can we develop the support for mediation practitioners? In short, how can we strengthen the quality of mediation? Europe's values are admired around the world.

California Lawyers for the Arts - Youth Mediators in Schools

They can be drivers for peace but we also need to defend them - especially in the refugee crisis. The recipe for peace in Syria: humanitarian persistence and a quiet diplomacy, unthreatened by absolutist demands or statements. Conflicts are stories. Stories about what is going on, stories about who does what and why.

Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace
Mediation and The Art of Making Peace Mediation and The Art of Making Peace

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