Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship

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Instead, he described and displayed four essential qualities of an effective soul-winner. Therefore, he made it a lifestyle practice to show honor and respect to any person—Jew or Gentile—in order to win them over to faith in Christ. They disdained the famous Greek athletic games, in large part because of the Greek tendency to glorify the naked human body. Whether Paul ever attended an athletic competition is unclear, but he was familiar with the rigorous discipline required of an athlete who wanted to compete at the highest level.

In 1 Corinthians , Paul stated that he kept his body under strict discipline so as not to disqualify himself as an advocate of the life-transforming gospel. Soul-winners must take care to practice what they preach. An effective soul-winner has a selfless attitude.

Evidently, the Corinthians liked to boast about themselves. They considered their favorite preacher to be better than all the rest They wanted to be known as the most tolerant of sexual freedom They desired to have the flashiest or most mysterious spiritual gifts An effective soul-winner presents a Christlike example. This fourth quality really is a combination and summary of the other three qualities. There are best and worse ways to approach this. Take a look at the quick check-list below.

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See any areas where we all can make some adjustments? There is no way we can do the work of making disciples without studying the Word of God, and gaining experience and maturity through what we learn. A confident, knowledgeable witness is an effective witness for Jesus Christ.

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Believe it or not, the world may not like you or believe you, but they respect those whose actions match their words. Know, share, and live the standards God has set forth for us. Our job is to earnestly work out our own soul salvation and put into practice what the Word of God teaches.

Love is our business card. See how important love and unity is to Jesus? It is a poor tactic and the wrong spirit to brow-beat or manipulate people to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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Do you know, Team? We should. This gospel is a worldly gospel — a message that is culturally relevant and creation renewing. Here it should be taken broadly, referring to the world, its peoples and its cultures. Preaching the gospel of Christ has cosmic implications. Thus, Paul perceives himself as an announcer of a worldly Christ-centered gospel, that through Jesus all things are reconciled to himself, whether on earth or in heaven Col.

While this worldly gospel saves, it also condemns. Outside of Eden, the earth was uninhabitable.

The Who of the Great Commission

Humanity was charged with the task of caring for the earth and creating culture, making the uninhabitable habitable. Adam failed to trust God with this task and sought to rule not only over creation, but also over God. As a result, the creation project was subjected to sin and calamity Rom. Then came Jesus.

Jesus preached a worldly gospel, a restorative message that put the creation project back on track. His glorified, resurrection body is clearly proof of the new creation to come. Just prior to ascending to heaven, Jesus told those who believe that they will be given power to heal the sick, restore the demon-possessed, and to speak new languages Mk. This worldly gospel is for the redemption and renewal of the earth, the body, the heart, the mind, and the cultures of the world. It is a saving message that rescues people from their unbelief, not their world, and reconciles their alienation from one another, their world, and their Creator.

According to the Gospel of Mark, Jesus died to bring life to all creation, to restore the environment, renew cultures and remake peoples, spiritually and physically. We are called to preach a worldly gospel. Christ calls us to repent — to turn our heart allegiances away from all things other, and to receive forgiveness for betraying our Creator. But a forgiven and repentant person is not idle; they are compelled to witness — to tell the story of their transformation.

Where Matthew and Mark respectively emphasize distinctive discipleship and preaching a worldly gospel, Luke calls us to witness — to tell our distinct gospel stories.

No two stories are alike, but all share the same Savior. What of the other things? The eleven disciples were discussing the reliability of Jesus sightings, when suddenly Christ appeared in the room. Thinking he was a ghost, they were filled with fright. Touch me, and see.

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To make his point, Jesus proved he had a body by eating some fish and chips. In flesh and bone, Jesus charges his follower to be witnesses of his resurrection. The problem with many of our stories is that they contain all spirit and very little flesh. We communicate our mystical encounters with God, our mountain top experiences with Jesus, and our superhuman victories over sin. Many people see right through our spiritual stories, precisely because our witness is too good to be true. We fail to mention our bad, unless it is in the past, failing further to witness of resurrection, in the present.

People want to touch redemption, which means they need to see resurrection power in our personal struggles. God does not jettison the body for the soul.

His gospel of redemption is for the whole world, beginning with enfleshed people. His resurrection is a bright reminder of new creation in the midst of bleak darkness, of tangible transformation in gross dilapidation. According to the Gospel of Luke, we are to be witnesses of death and resurrection, to live and recount the stories of a resurrected, fleshly Jesus who lives in the midst of broken humanity offering healing and hope.

Great commission : soul winning & discipleship

As the text continues, Jesus makes plain that the disciples are sent as a forgiving community, offering the grace they have received from him to others. According to John Piper, we are either goers, senders, or disobedient, but according to Jesus we are all the sent. Missionary activity is not the exclusive task of people who sell all their possessions and move overseas. All followers of Jesus are called to live as missionaries in their culture.

If we are all sent into our cultures as distinctive disciples to share a worldly gospel about a fleshly Christ, how then are we to live as the sent? When the Father sent the Son, Jesus left the glory of his trinitarian abode and became a helpless infant in the care of humans he created. This required an accommodating humility.

Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship
Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship
Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship
Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship
Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship
Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship Great Commission Soul Winning & Discipleship

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