Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)

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It's a bleak character study and a mesmerising descent into hell peppered in PSTD nightmares, a thriller that's more disturbing than out and out thrilling and all the more tense and accomplished for it. All kinds of thrillers have emerged from Scandinavia over the past few years, whether on the large or small screen or in book form. The fast-paced and deliriously funny story of an art thief who steals a painting from the wrong guy, Headhunters launched Tyldum on an international stage - Alan Turing drama The Imitation Game followed, and the Sony sci-fi film Passengers came next it might have had some problems with it's politics but the strange nightmare of being stuck for eternity in space with a stranger was pretty palpable.

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But with a single film - The Gift, which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in - Edgerton established himself as a thriller filmmaker of real promise. The world arguably needs more thrillers from Joel Edgerton. Ben Mendelsohn and Jacki Weaver play villains of different kinds; the latter a manipulative grandmother who looks over her brood of criminals, the former a spiteful thief.

Crafting moments of incredible tension from simple exchanges, Michod launched himself as a formidable talent with this feature debut. His follow up, The Rover , was a strange but effective dystopian road movie or sorts , while comedy drama War Machine was a change of pace - Michod's proven himself as a director to watch but Animal Kingdom will be a tough debut to top. The Town , released in , was a heist thriller that made the most of its Boston setting.

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He may have passed on directing and starring in The Batman but Warner's loss could be our gain if Affleck returns to smart, character-driven thrillers like these. Already a celebrated photographer, Corbijn successfully crossed over into filmmaking with Control , an exquisitely-made drama about Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis. Corbijn took a markedly different direction with The American, a thriller about an ageing contract killer George Clooney who hides out in a small Italian town west of Rome.

Inevitably, trouble eventually comes calling.

Behind Her Eyes audiobook by Sarah Pinborough

A Most Wanted Man, based on the novel by John le Carre, is a similarly astute study of an isolated yet fascinating character - in this instance, the world-weary German intelligence agent Gunther Bachmann, brilliantly played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. But time and again, Greengrass has proved a master of his own personal approach - you only have to look at the muddled, migraine-inducing films of his imitators to see how good a director Greengrass is. While not a huge hit, Green Zone was an intense and intelligent thriller set in occupied Iraq.

It has a great cast - Chiwetel Ejiofor, Norman Reedus, Anthony Mackie and Aaron Paul as a group of seasoned thieves, Kate Winslet cast against type as a gangland boss - and its heist plot rattles along like an express train. Hillcoat seems to have the western genre pulsing through his veins, and he excels at creating worlds that are desolate and all-enveloping, whether his subjects are period pieces The Proposition , Lawless or post-apocalyptic dramas The Road.

Hillcoat places us right there in the scene with Affleck and the cops sneaking into the building behind him; we sense the claustrophobia and vulnerability.

In Triple 9, research and great filmmaking combine to make an unforgettably intense thriller. Michael C Hall plays an ordinary guy in '80s America who shoots an intruder who breaks into his home, and becomes drawn into a moody conspiracy that takes in crooked cops, porn and a private eye who's also keen pig-rearer played by Don Johnson. As a filmmaker, Scorsese needs no introduction.

13 great modern thriller directors

Shutter Island, based on the Dennis LeHane novel of the same name, saw Scorsese plunge eagerly into neo-noir territory. A murder mystery set in a mental institution on the titular Shutter Island, its atmosphere is thick with menace. After the trial by fire that was Alien 3, David Fincher found his footing in the '90s with such hits as Seven and The Game. In an era where thrillers were in much greater abundance, from the middling to the very good, Seven in particular stood out as a genre classic: smartly written, disturbing, repulsive and yet captivating to look at all at once.

While not a straight-up masterpiece like the period thriller Zodiac, Gone Girl is still a glossy, smart and blackly funny yarn in the Hitchcock tradition.

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View the discussion thread. This suspense can keep readers on the edge of their seats as the plot leads to its conclusion. Psychological thrillers often contain elements of terror like dread and fear, or elements of horror like trauma and shock. The fear and anxiety experienced by the characters can drive the psychological tension in unpredictable ways, often surprising the reader with twists or different angles on the same problem.

Psychological Thrillers and Psychological Suspense

In a psychological thriller, characters rarely rely on their physical strength to overcome their enemies, but rather on their mental resources. Often the enemies are not external other characters or circumstances but internal phobias, insanity, urges, feelings, fears. Characters may explore and exploit the cunning and often disordered psychological motivations of others, as well as question their own emotional stability. Characters often battle their own minds in an attempt to determine what is real.

While psychological thrillers are extremely popular now thanks to high profile books like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train , such books have been around for a very long time. All of these earlier examples feature characters experiencing mental, emotional, and psychological stress. Why not visit the library to check out a book or movie that will take you into a world of suspense, confusion, and the depths of the human mind?

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    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller) Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)
    Before Her Eyes (Suspense, Thriller)

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