At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God

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He noticed that the average speed that human beings walk at is three miles per hour. Jesus, who is God, walked at three miles per hour.

Traits of the Eagle and How It Pertains To Our Christian Walk

God, who is love, walks at three miles per hour. Love has a speed, Koyama says, and that speed is slow. That speed is gentle. That speed is tender. Rebecca Paveley discovers some of the structures available to help students physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. When you begin to think about that, it challenges those who think that God is only interested in speed, productivity, and efficiency. Jesus, who created the universe, the God who throws the stars into the heavens, is a slow God — a God who takes time to love.

When you begin to recognise God in this rather counter-cultural way, things begin to change. I spoke to one of my colleagues, who works in a busy hospital, about the three-mile-an-hour God. If you place that way of thinking about God-as-slow and time-as-for-love, and place it beside the experience of people living with advanced dementia, we can begin to see how important it is to be Christlike in the ways in which we care.

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To be with people living with dementia, you need to slow down and take time for those things that the world considers to be trivial. There is a deep beauty in such illumination.

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Jesus talks about gentleness. A fundamental aspect of being made in the image of that God is gentleness. Think what it would be like if we did our politics gently — even, if we did our church politics gently. Think what it would be like if we did our relationships gently. WHEN we begin to think differently about scripture in the light of human difference, it opens up a whole new way of understanding humanness.

John Hull, a practical theologian who, sadly, died a few years ago, lost his sight in his early fifties. In his book Touching the Rock , he lays out what it is like to lose your sight. One of the things that he concluded, eventually, after much grief and lament, was that being blind was not so bad: it was just another way of being in the world — not a lesser way, just different.

Sighted people assume that looking out on the world is the only way of being human, and they try as hard as they can to rehabilitate people so that they can receive as close an approximation of sight as possible. In doing this, they risk colonising the diversity of humanness.

Hull concludes, however, that there is no single way of being human. To be human is a wide range of possibilities, all of which teach us something about how to love. It is available to view at www. They are absolute masters at hunting down and catching their prey, whether that prey be on land or in the water. Personal evangelism within our own circle of influence is something that each and every Christian can do for the Lord, and it is something that we should always keep our radars up for — as you never know when the Holy Spirit will move on you to lead you to someone He will want you to witness to, whether it be someone you might know or a complete total stranger.

Though eagles will mate for life, for the most part you will always see them flying alone in the skies. As Christians, we are all part of the body of Christ, where the little finger is just as important as the big toe. However, the Bible also tells us that many are called but few are chosen. I believe this verse is referring to our calls in the Lord, not to our personal salvation in Him.

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What this verse is telling us is that many of the people God is calling are not being chosen for various reasons. What this means is that at times you may feel totally alone, depending on the type of calling that God has placed on your life and exactly where you are at in the development of that calling. David was alone when he took on Goliath. No one else would step on the battlefield with him when he took on that evil blasphemous giant.

Peter was alone when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water, as the Bible says that the rest of the apostles were too scared to try and do it on their own. Moses was all by himself for 40 years in the backside of the desert before God called him out to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. David was hiding out in caves from Saul for quite a number of years before he was finally called out to become the greatest king of Israel.

When you are in these kinds of dry times and seasons with the Lord, just keep pressing forward and flying alone like the eagle does — and sooner or later God will bring you forth into the heart of your call where everyone will then see you and work with you on the call that God has placed on your life.

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For the most part, eagles will always be found living on some type of higher ground. As Christians, we are already living on higher ground as compared to the rest of the world as a result of who we are in Christ. We are now born-again children of the Most High God. We are now kings and priests of the Lord. We now have the Holy Spirit, along His power and knowledge residing on the inside of us to help lead us, sanctify us, and empower us so we can all be used by the Lord in a mighty way for ministry.

This is why the Lord is calling all of us to stay in the world, but not to be an actual part of the world. In other words, we are to be in the world, but not of the world. We are to keep ourselves separate from the corruption, pollution, vices, and sins of this world so God can keep us on His straight and narrow road for the rest of our earthly lives. We live on this higher ground as a result of our position in Jesus.

And we always need to keep reminding ourselves that we are living on this higher ground, as the world will always do everything it can to try and drag us down into their lower way of living. Another very powerful trait of the eagle is that they are very bold, courageous, and powerful. Eagles have literally been seen engaging with poisonous snakes and tearing their heads off with their beak. They have been seen going right through major storm clouds, where most birds will fly away and hide in safety until the storm has passed.

As we have stated numerous times in some of the articles in our spiritual warfare section, God is calling all of us to become good and mighty soldiers of Jesus Christ. He is asking all of us to put on His armor and to engage with demons and to cast them out of people when necessary. Just like the eagle has no fear of any man, beast, or snake — in the same way we should have no fear of any demonic spirit or any evil human being since we all have God Himself totally on our side. The Bible tells us that greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world.

David perfectly proved that point when he took out Goliath with one perfectly, well-placed blow. In this article are of the very best battle verses in the Bible. These major battle verses will show you that God the Father does have a war side to His personality, and that He will not hesitate to go into battle to protect you and your close loved ones if you have been walking close with Him over the years.

Just like the eagle is the most powerful and feared bird in the sky — in the same way God the Father can personally raise you up to be a mighty and courageous soldier for Him so you can do great and mighty exploits in the calling that He has personally placed on your life. Due to the way eagles look and act, many people consider them almost majestic and invincible. They seem to have a look of royalty about them. In the same way, we, as Christians, have this same air of royalty about us since we are now considered kings and priests of the Lord due to the sacrifice that Jesus has personally made for all of us with His death on the cross.

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  • This majestic royalty that we now have operating through us all comes direct from Jesus. It does not come directly from us, or any of the good works that we may have done to-date for the Lord. It all comes to us as a direct result of Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins.

    Only the blood that Jesus has personally shed for each one of us on the cross is what makes us kings and priests before Him, lest we all get puffed up with our own pride and arrogance, thinking this was all of our own doing and making. Once eagles mate with their partners, they will stay true and loyal to that other eagle for life.

    In the same way, once God leads us to the mate that He will want us to marry in this life, He will expect us to stay true, loyal, and faithful to that mate literally to the day we die. In this article are some very heavy verses, all showing how much God hates adultery and what the ramifications may be for some of those who do not pull out of this serious sin within a reasonable length of time. God expects all of us to honor our vows and commitments made at the wedding altar.

    God takes marriage and the vows that come with it very, very seriously, and it is nothing to be trifled with or taken for granted once you hit a few minor speed bumps in the marriage. The Holy Spirit is the Helper and Counselor, and He can help heal any hurts or misgivings that may have occurred in the marriage if you will just learn how to open yourself up to Him and allow Him to work in whatever state your marriage may be in.

    The Lovely Insufficiency of Gratitude

    Another very interesting quality that eagles have is that they are very patient. Documentary film crews have filmed eagles spotting rabbits they will target as prey. Once the rabbit senses the danger, he will then go hiding in a hole, sometimes for as long as an hour or two before he finally comes back out. The eagle will then wait for that hour or two until the rabbit finally comes back out again. And once he does, the eagle will then swoop down and catch him within seconds. As a result of his patience, the eagle will then be rewarded with a big fat meal.

    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God
    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God
    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God
    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God
    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God
    At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God At the Speed of Light: Our Walk with God

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